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Grandparents' Rights of Washington State (GROWS) is an organization that will develop legislation providing legal recourse for grandparents denied visitation with their grandchildren. Additionally, GROWS is a support group to assist those in grief and sadness who are not able to visit their grandchildren. The most important consideration is the welfare and well-being of our grandchildren.

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Welcome to the Grandparents' Rights of Washington State (G.R.O.W.S.). We are a determined assemblage of loving grandparents who seek visitation with a grandchild or grandchildren when one or both parents have unreasonably and without cause severed the relationship with the child.


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Grandparents' Rights
In 2000, Washington States visitation laws were dismantled by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Troxel vs. Granville when it ruled our laws "breathtakingly broad" and dictated that those laws unconstitutionally interfered with fundamental parental rights.

This has caused much confusion in our state courts; and visitation rights for any 3rd party, including grandparents, have been in flux ever since.

Not until our state legislators take action and pass a constitutionally written law is it likely that our courts will resolve this issue. Until then attorneys are reluctant to take a visitation case. Washington State is currently the only state that does not offer grandparents legal recourse to petition for visitation other than as a part of a current dissolution, separation or parenting plan.

The WSSC decision on April 7, 2005 upheld the USSC decision and dashed any hope for visitation under those circumstances as well.

G.R.O.W.S. is honored to currently be working closely with our state legislators in creating a grandparent's visitation bill which will constitutionally respect the rights of parents and offer grandparents recourse to petition for visitation.

G.R.O.W.S. is honored to currently be working closely with our state legislators in creating a grandparent's visitation bill which will constitutionally respect the rights of parents and offer grandparents recourse to petition for visitation.

We do not desire to undermine the fundamental rights of parents, but prefer there would be a fair and just means by which we as grandparents can reconnect with our grandchildren.

We firmly believe that it is the children who are truly the losers in this issue. Grandparents play a significant role in the lives of their grandchildren and it is woefully tragic for any child to be separated from and denied access to those who genuinely love them.

If you or someone you know is experiencing this heart wrenching plight, please contact G.R.O.W.S.
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Poodle Dog Restaurant
1522 54th Ave E
Fife, WA 98424
 (253) 922-6161
 The meeting will be the Poodle Dog Restaurant in Fife. For those of you who have been to Mitzels' the Poodle Dog is just kitty corner from Mitzels' at the same exit 137. It"s very easy to find just off exit 137 from I-5----go west one block to the traffic light and you will see the Poodle Dog Restaurant, Mitzels' is just kitty-corner to it on Hwy 99. The reservations are in Bob's name and/or the G.R.O.W.S name.
Please mark your Calendars.

We are off July and August and then start up again on 16 September, 21 October and 18 November and 16 December.
On  August 19  we do have our GROWS picnic at Point Defiance Park, Owen Beach in Tacoma. Potluck with GROWS supplying the burgers, both beef and vegie and hotdogs and soft drinks.


Listed below individual that may be in your area that are available to talk with you regarding your rights or answer any questions you may have in regards to being a grandparent.
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Bob and Pat G.R.O.W.S. Chairs wagrows@gmail.com
(253) 232-8927

Eastern Washington

(509) 684-3728 or (509) 690-8318

Seattle Area

Mary Jo
(206) 919-3514

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Accompany their adult children or grandchildren to the doctor.
Accompany their adult children or grandchildren to the doctor.
Have provided financial support to their adult children and grandchildren in the last 12 months:
Think being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life
Say they can do a better job caring for grandchildren than they did with their own
Enjoy talking about their grandkids to just about everyone

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Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Washington?

Grandparent Visitation in Washington
  (1) A person other than a parent may petition the court for visitation with a child at any time or may intervene in a pending dissolution, legal separation, or modification of parenting plan proceeding. A person other than a parent may not petition for visitation under this section unless the child's parent or parents have commenced an action under this chapter.
  (2) A petition for visitation with a child by a person other than a parent must be filed in the county in which the child resides.
  (3) A petition for visitation or a motion to intervene pursuant to this section shall be dismissed unless the petitioner or intervenor can demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that a significant relationship exists with the child with whom visitation is sought. If the petition or motion is dismissed for failure to establish the existence of a significant relationship, the petitioner or intervenor shall be ordered to pay reasonable attorney's fees and costs to the parent, parents, other custodian, or representative of the child who responds to this petition or motion.
  (4) The court may order visitation between the petitioner or intervenor and the child between whom a significant relationship exists upon a finding supported by the evidence that the visitation is in the child's best interests.
  (5)(a) Visitation with a grandparent shall be presumed to be in the child's best interests when a significant relationship has been shown to exist. This presumption may be rebutted by a preponderance of evidence showing that visitation would endanger the child's physical, mental, or emotional health.
      (b) If the court finds that reasonable visitation by a grandparent would be in the child's best interest except for hostilities that exist between the grandparent and one or both of the parents or person with whom the child lives, the court may set the matter for mediation under RCW
26.09.015 .
  (6) The court may consider the following factors when making a determination of the child's best interests:
      (a) The strength of the relationship between the child and the petitioner;
      (b) The relationship between each of the child's parents or the person with whom the child is residing and the petitioner;
      (c) The nature and reason for either parent's objection to granting the petitioner visitation;



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Below are some of the current legislation dealing with grandparents rights.